Roulette in Cherche Casino

For over two centuries, roulette is one of the most played and most popular games in casinos. Cherche Casino is no different, and we tried to create a perfect atmosphere for playing this incredible game. We dedicated part of the floor to roulette games, and you will have a chance to choose which table and which version of the game you want to try. 

Roulette in Cherche Casino

Firstly, we will go through all the versions of the game available at Cherche Casino, and then, we will cover the rules on how to play and what the differences are between each version. We hope this will help you to better understand the game so you can have the best possible experience playing roulette.

Different Tables and Variations

Monte Carlo is known to offer roulette tables with a single zero on the wheel. And who are we to break the tradition? In Cherche Casino, you won’t find a single table with a double zero version that only increases the house edge. Three versions of the game that you can find in our casino are the French, English, and video one. While the rules are rather similar, there are a few differences between each of these.

Rules of the Game

Before the game starts, each player at the table will place their bets. The main goal is to try to successfully predict where the ball will end. However, since there are thirty-six numbers on the wheel, it is not something that is easily achieved. When all players have placed their bets (we will talk about betting later), the croupier will spin the wheel and release the ball on the wheel’s rim. The ball will travel in the opposite direction, and eventually, after losing the momentum, it will fall in one of the pockets. 

There are so many different betting options with a variety of odds and payouts. As you can expect, the highest payout is for guessing the exact number where the ball will land. 

French Roulette

French Roulette

This version of the game will use the same wheel as the European one, with a single zero pocket. In total, there will be thirty-seven pockets where the ball can land. Each of the numbers on the wheel is either black or red with the exception of the green zero. 

When it comes to betting, players will have a plethora of options. They could bet on a color or on the odds of the number being even or odd. Of course, we already mentioned that they could bet on a specific number, and they can even place their bet on a dozen or a column. 

  • Plein. The player places a bet on a single number, and if they successfully guess the outcome, they will receive thirty-five to one payout. 
  • Cheval. Betting on two neighboring numbers at the same time is also possible. By placing the chips on the line that separates the two numbers the player will make this type of bet. The payout is seventeen to one.
  • Transversale Plein. Similar to the previous example, but betting on the three numbers at the same time. The payout is eleven to one, and the player will place chips on the outer line of the edge numbers.
  • Carre. The next option is to bet on four numbers or a box. By placing the chips on the point where all four boxes meet, the chances for a payout are eight to one.
  • Quatre Premiers. The next bet has the same payout as the previous one, but it’s for betting on the first four numbers.
  • Sixain. Betting on six numbers is also possible with the lower payout of five to one. The bet is completed by placing the chips on the outer intersection of the two edge numbers. 
  • Colonne and Douzaine. These two bets are for betting on a column or one of the three dozens. Both payouts for these bets are two to one. You could also split both columns and dozens to get one and a half to one payout. These two bets are called Colonne à Cheval and Douzaine à Cheval.

Besides these bets, the player can pick even or odd, black or red, and high or low (otherwise known as passe and manque). All of these bets pay even, and they are popular because of the higher chances of winning. 

Finally, if it happens that the player bets on any of the combinations like odd or even, and the ball lands on the zero pocket, they will lose only half of their bet. The player can then divide the bet or wait for the next spin to try to win their money back. 

English Roulette

The second version of the game we offer is called English roulette. Unlike the previous version, the maximum number of players that can sit or play at the same table is nine. Each player will receive their own tokens and personalized chips. These chips are valid only on this table, and they cannot be used anywhere else in the casino. 

Since the color of the chips is used to distinguish players instead of chip values, each chip will have an amount that is equal to the table’s minimum. The game will start when the croupier announces “Faites vos jeux” or “Place your bets.” One of the main differences is that verbal bets are forbidden except the three regarding the specific section of the wheel. These three are thirds, orphans, and neighbors of zero. Furthermore, when the croupier spins the wheel, there will be a short period when the players can still place their bets. Two spins before the end of the game, the croupier will announce “Rien ne va plus” or “No more bets,” and all players will stop betting. 

If it happens that the ball ends up on the zero pocket, the same rules will apply as in the previous version. 

The betting system and options are the same as in the previous example, and you can bet on one or more numbers, as well as on column, color, dozen, and so on. 

Electronic Roulette

Electronic roulette is a similar version to the previous two, and you will have the same rules and same betting options. However, here, you won’t have to announce your bets nor will you be able to place them after the game starts. Furthermore, the outcome of the game is determined by RNG. 

Casino Points and Roulette

Each of the version we offer is fun to play and will give you the thrill that only roulette can offer. We decided to offer special points for roulette players where you can earn them by playing any of the three versions we mentioned. Finally, you will be able to win additional rewards besides the one you win at the table. We wanted to make sure that all the players have the best possible experience in Cherche Casino.