Blackjack in Cherche Casino

People from all over the world claim that blackjack is among the most popular card games. Of course, we have several tables for this game specifically. We realize how important it is, and we even hold occasional tournaments where players can compete against each other. Furthermore, the popularity of Blackjack tournaments is almost as high as poker ones. We were surprised by how many players wanted to try this game, so we decided to add even more tables last year!

Blackjack in Cherche Casino

Rules of the Game

Probably the main reason for the popularity of the game is how simple it is to play the game. Besides, it is both fun and fast-paced, so you won’t have to wait for hours for the game to end. Unlike many other card games in casinos, you won’t play against other players even though they might be at the table. In blackjack, you will play against the croupier or the dealer. 

The goal of the game is to reach twenty-one without going over, or at least to come as close as possible (at least closer than the croupier). Here, at Cherche Casino, all the games are played with eight decks and fifty percent penetration.

Rules of the Game

The only thing we should mention is the value of each card in the deck. All face cards count as ten, and those between two and ten are worth their face value. Finally, aces can have value of both eleven and one, depending on the situation. 

When the game starts, each of the players will receive initially one card facing up, and the croupier will also get one card facing up. From then on, each of the players will receive a second card, and the game will commence. If any of the players goes over twenty-one, they will automatically lose the game, and they will have to wait for the rest of the folk to finish the round. Depending on the actions that gamblers take and when they finish playing, the croupier will receive the second, and sometimes even more additional cards. Finally, they will proceed to the showdown where the croupier will determine who had the best combination.

Actions Player Can Take

When they receive two cards, they will have several options or actions they can take. For example, if they get any of the face cards and an ace, they will get a total of twenty-one or a so-called natural blackjack. Finally, unless the dealer also has a blackjack, the player will win. 

Since this is not something that happens all the time, the players will have to base their actions according to the dealer’s card. 

  • Stand. The first option the player can pick is to stand. If they are happy with their score and they believe that receiving another card would cause them to bust, they can choose to stand. That way, they will continue playing, and they will wait for the dealer to take action. The dealer has to hit on seventeen, so if their total after their second card is less than seventeen, they will take another one. Waving above your cards will show that you are ready to stand and that you don’t want more additional cards.
  • Hit. If the player receives a low two-card combination or they simply believe that the next card will get them even closer to twenty-one, they can choose to hit. That means the player will get a single additional card. Of course, each player can get as many cards as they want or until they bust. By tapping the cards, the player will signal the croupier that they want another card or that they want to “hit.”
  • Double down. The player can also opt to double down after receiving two cards. That means they will double their initial bet but receive only a single additional card. After this, the dealer will proceed with their actions.
  • Splitting pairs. If the player receives two cards that bear the same value or two identical cards, they can opt to split them, thus creating two separate hands. For each of them, the gambler will continue playing and having separate actions.

The player can also double down after card splitting, and they will receive additional cards for one or both hands that they split. Finally, there is another option — to place an insurance bet if the croupier’s card is an ace. Since they will have a potential chance of winning with a natural blackjack, the player can win a 2:1 bet if the croupier wins a natural. However, if the croupier doesn’t get it, the player will lose their insurance money. Besides, the player will win a 1:1 payout for each win, and 3:2 for getting a natural blackjack. 

Actions a Croupier Can Take

The dealer won’t have the ability to double down or split. Instead, they will get the second card only after all of the players have finished with their turns. If the dealer or croupier has a card combination that is less than seventeen, they will have to hit at least until they go over seventeen. Furthermore, the croupier can also get a natural, and if none of the players has blackjack, they will lose. 

It is also important to mention that verbal bets are not allowed and that all players should use gestures for placing their wagers. 


Last year, we started organizing various blackjack tournaments, and they got rather popular. Since each game is played against the dealer, there are limitations on the amount you have to win to proceed to the next stage of the competition. The tournaments are held every three months, with a major tournament happening at the end of the year. 

Everyone can participate in each of the events, and the first three have identical rewards, while the last tournament of the year will have a special bonus prize. Be sure to check more info on recent tournaments and how to apply if you are interested in being a part of one of the best blackjack events in entire Monte Carlo.